Ballets Russes exhibition. A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum

The exhibition relating to Colonel de Basil, staged by his grandson Valery Voskresensky and mentioned in an earlier post, opens at the A. A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum in Moscow on 24 August 2013. Below, just received, is the poster for the show. [Poster image no longer available]

Translation from the Russian is beyond my capabilities I’m afraid.

Michelle Potter, 10 August 2013

5 thoughts on “Ballets Russes exhibition. A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum

  1. Hello Michelle,
    this sounds very interesting. For those who can attend the exhibition, in the poster it is written that this event is organized by the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum.

    Title: Colonel de Basil Ballets Russes, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of V. K. Voskresensky’s birthday.

    The Exhibition will be held in the Bakhrushin State Central Theater Museum, Bakhrushin ulitsa, 31/12, Moscow, 115054. Tel. +7 495 953 44 70.

    Museum website:

  2. Thank you for translating Elisabetta. I am hoping at some stage the grandson might send me a check list or some indication of what he has gathered together for the exhibition. I suspect that some interesting material, unknown to us in the West, may be included. Certainly the poster has some images that are not familiar to me.

  3. I have been puzzling over the images on the poster, Michelle. Possibly there are 3 separate images here. The female figure with the wand, the group of 3 male dancers and the chain of female dancers. Could the single dancer be the Fairy Godmother from “Cendrillon” and the chain group, from “Lutte Eternelle” ? They do look like photos taken during the 1940’s rather than from the pre-war period.

  4. The photo could have been taken in London or Australia. Vassilieva left after the 1938-9 tour in Australia, as well Serge Ismaeloff. Sono left in New York after our season late 1940,at the 55th Street Theater.

  5. In addition to her comment below about where the photo may have been shot, Tatiana Leskova has written elsewhere to me that the dancer with the stick (wand?) is Tamara Grigorieva, the dancer on the far right side is Sono Osato, while the men are Lorand Andahazy and Serge Ismaeloff. The male dancer in profile Tatiana doesn’t recognise. The female dancer in the middle may be Irena Vassilieva. Tatiana also suggests that the photo is from Fokine’s Cinderella.

    The photo is clearly a montage. Many thanks to Mme Leskova for sharing her extensive and first hand knowledge.

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