Interview with Paul Knobloch

The interview with Paul Knobloch recorded by Stateline Canberra during Paul’s recent Australian visit screened on  Friday 24 September. Its online availability will, it seems, expire in December so it’s worth having a look before that happens.  In addition to the words from Paul and  his mentor, Jackie Hallahan, there are some photos of Paul as a student and some tantalisingly short footage of his performance in Webern Opus V as well as snippets from an impromptu dance performed in the studio for the Stateline cameras.

Here is the link. (See update below for new link)

Michelle Potter, 26 September 2010.

UPDATE: 27 July 2013: The video on the link above has been removed although the transcript of the interview is available. The footage, however, is still available at this link from ABC Western Victoria.

UPDATE: 15 June 2020. Links no longer available.

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